A Song of Sheep and Horses

This is the general page for updates of the series of books A Song of Sheep and Horses: eurafrasia nostratica, eurasia indouralica, which focus on Proto-Indo-European and Proto-Uralic dialects and peoples, and their prehistoric migrations.

A Song of Sheep and Horses


A Song of Sheep and Horses (ASoSaH) reread

To be able to revise and update the text properly, I decided to start a series of posts on different aspects.

This is an updated list of the posts related to updates, corrections to or comments about the texts or graphics:

Tentative map of fine-scale population structure during steppe-related expansions (ca. 3500–2000 BC), including Repin–Yamna–Bell Beaker/Balkans and Sredni Stog–Corded Ware groups. Data based on published samples and pairwise comparisons tested to date. Notice that the potential admixture of expanding Repin/Early Yamna settlers in the North Pontic area with the late Sredni Stog population (and thus Sredni Stog-related ancestry in Yamna) has been omitted for simplicity purposes, assuming thus a homogeneous Yamna vs. Corded Ware ancestry.