Haplogroup maps

These are maps of distribution of ancient and modern haplogroups and their main subclades:

You can reuse and modify the images posted here as you see fit. If you can, please cite the corresponding book and – especially if you use these high-quality images – the specific page of this website (http://indo-european.eu/) as the source. Thank you.

Ancient distribution

ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online offers the possibility of publishing my collected Ancient Y-DNA and mtDNA data layers over my prehistoric map image layers with predetermined themes for ease of use. You can read more about instructions for use of the software.

NOTE. The easier to remember domain name haplogroup.info can be used to access both, this ArcGIS Online map and the Google Drive folder with the dataset.


Static GIS maps

This is the previous post explaining the available dynamic and static map files for quick reference of Y-DNA and mtDNA haplogroups of ancient samples:


Modern distribution

  • Statistics: maps use natural neighbour interpolation, unless otherwise expressly stated.
  • Classification: color gradient is dependent on the data, with the maximum value (white colour) corresponding to the maximum value attested for the specific haplogroup. Use the legend for detailed information.
  • Scale is usually 1:30000000.
  • Data used comes from the latest reports at the time of publication, referenced at the top of the page. For the specific date of the map, look at the URL of the full-sized map.

Haplogroup R1b-M269

Modern distribution of haplogroup R1b-M269.

Haplogroup R1a-M417

Modern distribution of haplogroup R1a-M417.

Haplogroup R1-M173, R2-M479

Modern distribution of haplogroup R.

Haplogroup N1a-TAT

Modern distribution of haplogroup N1a-TAT.

Haplogroup Q-M242

Modern distribution of haplogroup Q-M242.

Haplogroup I-M170

Modern distribution of haplogroup I-M170.

Haplogroup E-M96

Modern distribution of haplogroup E1b-V13.

Haplogroup G-M201

Modern distribution of haplogroup G-M201.

Haplogroup J-M304

Modern distribution of haplogroup J-M304.