Yamnaya steppe ancestry

Maps of expansion of “Steppe ancestry” with (Pre-)Yamnaya/Bell Beaker and Corded Ware, from the collection of Maps of prehistoric migrations.

For context and reference, please read the book on Indo-European and Uralic migrations.

Post Series

Here is the updated list of posts on the subject of tracking and mapping Steppe ancestry through the ages:

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1. Vikings, Vikings, Vikings! “eastern” ancestry in the whole Baltic Iron Age, 20 July 2019.


Steppe Ancestry Maps

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Current version: 1 (March 2019)

Tentative map of fine-scale population structure during steppe-related expansions (ca. 3500–2000 BC), including Repin–Yamna–Bell Beaker/Balkans and (Sredni Stog?)Late Trypillia–Corded Ware groups. Data based on published samples and pairwise comparisons tested to date. Notice that the potential admixture of expanding Repin/Early Yamna settlers in the North Pontic area with the Late Trypillian (and thus Late Trypillian-related ancestry in Yamna) has been omitted for simplicity purposes, assuming thus a homogeneous Yamna vs. Corded Ware ancestry.

Image based on published maps on steppe ancestry expansion and data published, e.g. steppe components in Olalde et al. (2018) Supplementary materials.

So for example:

Steppe ancestry in Bell Beaker samples, from Olalde et al. (2018).

Recent image in a conference by David Reich 2019 (min. 19:23).
Simple ancestry percentages in modern populations. Recent image by Iain Mathieson 2019 (min. 5.57).