Final Eneolithic

Map of Late Eneolithic migrations, from the collection of Maps of prehistoric migrations.

For context and reference, please read the book on Indo-European and Uralic migrations.

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Current version: 1.5 (March 2021)

Map of Final Eneolithic migrations ca. 3350 – 2950 BC. See full map.

NOTE. This is a new map as of September 2020, showing an intermediate period between the previous Late Eneolithic and Early Chalcolithic maps. These two have also been modified to show slightly earlier and later periods.


Maps of Y-DNA, mtDNA, and ADMIXTURE

NOTE. The following are Early Chalcolithic maps:

pdf-logoY-DNA Data (PDF). 28 March 2020.

openlayers-logoOpenLayers Y-DNA Map (slow to load!). 10 June 2020.

pdf-logomtDNA data (PDF). 28 March 2020.

openlayers-logoOpenLayers mtDNA Map (slow to load!). 3 June 2020.

pdf-logoADMIXTURE K=7 (PDF). December 2019.

Older versions

See also Late Eneolithic and Early Copper Age.