Early Bronze Age

Map of Early Bronze Age migrations, from the collection of Maps of prehistoric migrations.

For context and reference, please read the book on Indo-European and Uralic migrations.

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Current version: 4 (January 2019)

Map of Early Bronze Age migrations.

Tentative language map (inferred from later languages, cultures, and peoples)

Y-DNA Data (PDF). June 2019.

mtDNA data (PDF). June 2019.

ADMIXTURE K=5 (PDF). June 2019.

Image with no labels (JPG). January 2019.

Third version September 2017

Diachronic map of migrations in Early Bronze Age ca. 2250-1750 BC

Second version: 2.2 (June 2017)

Diachronic map of early Bronze Age migrations ca. 2250-1750 BC

First version: February 2017

Diachronic map of migrations in Europe ca. 2250-1750 BC