These are images from the article draft Indo-European demic diffusion model, 3rd edition:

They are centered on European prehistory and history, and their Eurasian connections, so the borders of cultures and peoples beyond the Urals (especially South Asia) are more inexact. Also, cultures and peoples from the Altai region and Africa are less clearly defined in the maps.

These maps were drawn to illustrate certain points in the aforementioned article, thus they are diachronic illustrations of different cultures and peoples not exactly contemporary with each other, but often sequential in time, used to illustrate certain developments, e.g. the Neolithic expansion of farming, or the Chalcolithic expansion from Yamna. In that sense, they are not different from many maps used to illustrate cultural expansions and migrations of peoples.

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They have been drawn with Photoshop over Natural Earth raster images that are in the public domain.

Natural Earth

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Maps of Indo-European migrations

These are full versions of the latest versions of the images used in the article (compressed as JPEG). If you would like higher quality versions, different versions (with changes, omissions and/or additions), or different permissions to publish (e.g. in scientific journals which do not allow the use of a Creative Commons license), please write me at I really like to work with maps, and if the project is interesting I will probably not mind working for it.

Diachronic map of Paleolithic migrations
Diachronic map of Mesolithic migrations ca. 6500-5000 BC
Diachronic map of Early Neolithic migrations ca. 5000-4000 BC
Diachronic map of Eneolithic migrations ca. 4000-3100 BC
Diachronic map of Early Copper Age migrations ca. 3100-2600 BC
Yamna – East Bell Beaker migration 3000-2300 BC
Diachronic map of Late Copper Age migrations ca. 2600-2250 BC
Diachronic map of migrations in Early Bronze Age ca. 2250-1750 BC
Diachronic map of Bronze Age migrations in 1750-1250 BC.
Diachronic map of migrations in the Late Bronze Age ca. 1250-750 BC
Diachronic map of Iron Age migrations ca. 750-250 BC
Diachronic map of migrations during Classical Antiquity 250 BC – 250 AD
Diachronic map of migrations during Antiquity ca. 250-750 AD
Diachronic map of Medieval migrations ca. 750 – 1300 AD

Y-DNA maps

There are also maps of modern Y-DNA distribution, with striped areas originally designed to be superimposed to these cultural maps.