Yamnaya – Bell Beaker

Map of Yamnaya – Bell Beaker migration, from the collection of Maps of prehistoric migrations.

For context and reference, please read the book on Indo-European and Uralic migrations.

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Current version: 2.2 (October 2019)

Map of Yamna – Bell Beaker migration. according to Volker Heyd.

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First version: October 2017

Yamna – East Bell Beaker migration 3000-2300 BC

Image based on Harrison and Heyd (2007), Heyd (2007, see below), and other images on local East Bell Beaker expansion.

NOTE. For Yamna expansion into the Carpathian basin, see Yamna Hungary maps.

Yamna migration according to Heyd (2007)
Infiltration of proto-beaker, and migration of east Bell Beaker
Distribution of the Bell Beaker East Group, with its regional provinces, as of c. 2400 cal BC (after Heyd et al. 2004, modified).