More WordPress Translation Plugins: now also Traducteur – Uebersetzer – Traductor – Traduttore – Tradutor – Vertaler

Although unrelated to my usual posts, I thought it interesting to announce here more language pairs for my very simple text-only WordPress translator plugin.

These new plugins don’t support as many language pairs as the English one – due to limitations from Altavista and Tranexp translation engines -, but Google translator is able to translate already-translated-texts from Altavista, so you may find some new languages to translate into in this release.

Translations other than direct ones are indeed not clean, and thus not usually trustworthy; but, it’s the most I could achieve at present. If you have more ideas on how to improve it, either change it by yourself (remember it’s GPL) or contact me per email, or just leave a comment if something goes wrong.

Btw, I invite you to visit a new DNGHU site on Proto-Indo-European history and maps and also remember you that DNGHU is now a legal corporation (a non-profit Association) you can easily join, either as a person or as another national legal corporation if it has similar aims.

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