Last Updated: 2017

This is a project for a common multilanguage blog shared by people at Academia Prisca for news, reviews and discussion of Proto-Indo-European language and culture, genetics, ancient and modern Indo-European languages.

The project is hosted in English at indo-european.eu, in German at indogermanisch.eu, in French at indoeuropeen.eu, and in Spanish at indoeuropeo.eu.

Its general aims include therefore linguistic, archaeological, anthropological, and genetic questions regarding Proto-Indo-European and Proto-Indo-Europeans, as well as their ascendants and descendants.

Our focus is a priori on:

  • Articles and discussion on the reconstruction of Proto-Indo-European language and early Indo-European proto-languages
  • Reviews and articles on archaeological cultures and their potential association with Indo-European proto-languages
  • News and discussion of human evolutionary biology applied to the Proto-Indo-European homeland and migrations
  • Interesting graphic art accompanying related theories, especially detailed maps on Indo-European migrations

Discussion of news, articles, books, reviews, and posts in general will be done at Academia Prisca’s Forum.

It hosts news on development of linguistic tools regarding Proto-Indo-European and Indo-European languages, such as the Proto-Indo-European dictionary-translator.