WordPress 2.2 Translation Plugins: compatible Traducteur – Uebersetzer – Traductor – Traduttore – Tradutor – Vertaler

Just a little post to answer some mails of those worried about the possible malfunctioning of the Translation plugin in WordPress 2.2: It is so simple, that it didn’t need any change at all.

This blog is updated to WP-2.2, so if it works here, it should work everywhere.

Please remember I posted it here for you to have this simple utility – if you take a moment to read the code, you can see it is so easy that even I could write it…- , and that you can change and redistribute it freely, so (if possible) try first to answer your simple questions elsewhere.

It’s not that I don’t have the time to answer you all, but only that I’d rather dedicate every possible minute for our Indo-European Language Revival Project instead. Thank you for your understanding.

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