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    Palfalvi Laszlo

      I have been thinking about this a lot and I wanted to share my ideas with you. I can’t prove anything, I’m just thinking.

      My proposal is, that there were two main farming language family. One is on the west side of the middle-east which were the very first farmers. Second is on the east side of the middle-east which were from the East-caucasus to the Iranian plateau west. The west family was the first, and the east family was the second to develop agriculture and animal husbandry.  The westians have Y haplogroup G and T and J1, and the eastians have mainly J2. In the west family there were the sumerians, hattians, minoans, basques, north-west caucasians and the european farmers. The north-east caucasians, hurrians, etruscians-troy, elamites, kartvelians, dravidians, burusashki people belongs to the east family. I think the natufian culture is not Afro-Asiatic, but the culture contribute to the AA family’s uprising. But it’s important to compare them and their farming and animal words to the west family in order to discover the connection. Because some plants were brought to Natufians from East Africa prior the AA uprising. Maykop culture were first westians, but later it was filled with east people and they went to Ukraine to join to the IE people. From here the metallurgical words spread to the IE and Uralics, because I think that Proto Uralic homeland was in the Middle Dnieper culture. This culture has connection the late maykop and tripilla culture, from which some people and words travelled to and the IE people drove away. They went to fatyanovo and abashevo culture. They mixed with the IE later, that’s why the R1a type were overwhelming in the Indo-iranians. In Europe the CWC is just a mixed farming and IE culture, not entirelly IE and just reached the battle axe culture, not spread to middle-dnieper nor further. The baltians and slavs came later from west, and spain, south west Franc, middle and south Italy was not touched by IE until 1800 BC.

      That is my opinion.

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